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SHINE Beauty Beacon Features Zoya Pixie Dust!

Sparkling Manis with Zoya and SHINE Beauty Beacon

It's Labor Day weekend! While this holiday is always the mark of the end of the summer, back to school, and football games...SHINE Beauty Beacon wants your mani to SPARKLE! Shades like Zoya Pixie Dust in Stevie, Zoya PixieDust in Solange, and Zoya PixieDust in Destiny are perfect to make a shimmery impression this Holiday weekend! 

"This stunning style statement can only be described in three syllables: Ah-maz-ing. Sparkle manis can be worn by women of all ages, and serve as an inexpensive indulgence. Call them bargain bling in a bottle."

Want even MORE sparkle? Check out the other Zoya Pixie Dust collections! Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend...squeeze those last few days of summer in!


CHIC Sugar Baby № 6

בפוסט הזה אסקור את הלק הראשון שבחרתי מקולקציית Sugar Baby (שוגר בייבי) החדשה של חברת CHIC. בימים הקרובים יעלו לבלוג סקירות נוספות ללקים שבחרתי מהקולקציה הזו.

For today I have a first review post for the new Sugar Baby collection by the Israeli brand CHIC.
I will be reviewing four additional colors which I picked from this collection in the next few posts.

 CHIC שוגר בייבי מס' 6 הוא לק בגוון תורכיז-ירקרק בהיר עם אפקט סוכר. למעשה הלק הזה מכיל נצנצים כסופים ומיקרו נצנצים בתוך בסיס ג'לי בגוון תורכיז. כשהוא מתייבש, הגימור שלו מחוספס ומזכיר טקסטורה של סוכר, מכאן שמו של האפקט.
הנחת הלק היתה טובה ונוחה, לא נתקלתי בבעיות כלל. הכיסוי היה די טוב כבר בשכבה הראשונה, אבל אני אישית מעדיפה כיסוי של שתי שכבות כדי להגיע למראה מושלם.
זמן הייבוש היה די מהיר, והאפקט היה מחוספס כצפוי עם לקים בגימור הזה. זה לגמרי עניין של טעם, צריך לנסות ולראות אם זה מתאים לכן. אני אישית מאוד הסתייגתי מלקים בגימור הזה בהתחלה, אבל עכשיו אין לי ממש בעיה איתם.
בזכות הגליטר המטאלי שנמצא בתוך הלק, המראה שהתקבל היה מאוד מנצנץ ונראה מעולה גם באור וגם בצל.
לתמונות השתמשתי בשתי שכבות של הלק, ללא טופ.
התרשמתי לטובה מהלק הזה ואני חושבת שהחברה עשתה עבודה טובה מאוד עם הקולקציה הזו.
מקווה שאהבתם את הסווצ' ואת הסקירה, אני אשמח לשמוע את דעתכן. 
בימים הקרובים אעלה פוסטים נוספים של סקירות ללקים מהקולקציה, אל תשכחו לבקר ולהתעדכן.
תודה שקראתן.

CHIC Sugar Baby № 6 is a light teal sugar effect polish. It actually contains silver glitter and micro glitter in a teal jelly base, and once dry - it has a glittery sugar / sand effect.
Application was very smooth and easy, not streaky at all, and the coverage was really nice with one coat, but I decided to apply two coats to make sure I get a perfect coverage.
Drying time was pretty fast, and the finish was gritty as expected with this kind of effect.
Thanks to the metallic glitter, it was very sparkly in the sun and looked pretty both in shade and in direct sunlight.
I liked it's festive look and how sparkly it was. For the photos below I applied two coats, not top coat.
I was pretty impressed with this polish, and I think the company did a great job with this collection.
Hope you like this swatch, I would love to hear what you think about this.
Be sure to check more swatch posts of this collection in the next days.
Thanks for reading.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Fashion Find

Image via Click to See More

From L-R Aldo sandals, ASOS backpack, Mossimo Blazer, JCrew Sweater, Zoya Nail Polish in Kara, TopShop skirt

Friday Fashion Find- Back to School Style

We are doing things a little different this week for Friday Fashion Find. We chose a "street style" to feature for some Back-to-School inspiration! Meet blogger, Aliya from Ontario, creator of Click to See More. Here's what we love about this outfit for those of you who have been heading back to school or still have a few weeks of summer left! It's young, fresh, and comfortable. Denim is very hot right now, pair it with a cute floral skirt and some sandals. Try this look with a coral color on your nails like Zoya Nail Polish in Kara. Want the look? Try some of these pieces shown above!

Sandals: ALDO Tober's in leather are cute, comfortable, and a great way to transition into fall even while it's still a bit warm out.

Backback: ASOS Vans Krochet makes it cool to carry your books, and it's stylish too!

Denim Blazer: Target Mossimo has very comfortable denim that is extremely versatile. 

Sweater: This super cozy sweater from JCrew is great for layering on those chilly days.

Skirt: An airy, floral skirt from Topshop makes this look feminine and fresh. 

Now, go forth class! Impress all of your schoolmates with how fashionable you are and how fabulous your nails look. Study hard! 


You're Invited to Fast & Fashionable

Join Us In NYC!

Want to be a part of an EXCLUSIVE New York City Event during Fashion Week?! Next weekend you'll have the chance! We've all heard the term "it's all about who you know" right? Well it's a good thing you know US huh?!

WHO: YOU! All are welcome so bring all your peeps

WHAT: Fast & Fashionable event hosted by People StyleWatch where you can get a mini mani provided by yours truly, kick-up your makeup with Smashbox all while indulging in a zero calorie refreshment provided by Diet Coke.

WHERE: Look for the pink truck in Midtown just North of Lincoln Center on Broadway 

WHEN: Saturday September 7th from 11am-7pm AND Sunday September 8th from 11am-7pm (because let's be honest one day of pampering is never enough)

So grab all your besties and head over to see us! We'll be the ones in the cute Zoya tee's.

Can't make it? Well we'll be super sad BUT you can get all the live updates and info by following us on Twitter @ZoyaNailPolish #ZoyaFF and be sure to follow @FastFashionable using #FastFashionable too! 


Back to School Occasions with Zoya Nail Polish



Dance The Night Away

We've got a date for homecoming Louise. This STUNNING chocolate cream Zoya Nail Polish is the perfect color for any fall occasion.

"Brown is the new black!", says "This creamy color goes with everything, so you don't have to worry about clashing with your perfect homecoming dress."

Since "brown is the new black", you'll definitely want to take a look at other Zoya Nail Polishes that are in the same color family (click here). Make sure you are choosing a brown nail polish that compliments your skin tone. Don't know your skin tone? Click here to find out.

Those with warmer skin tones will want to apply warmer, deeper, yellow undertoned hues. We recommend Zoya Nail Polish in Dea for you golden goddesses. 

Do you have a cooler skin tone? Using shades like Louise (above) will look best for you. Stick with hues that are have blue undertones or have a silvery shimmer.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Zoya PixieDust - To Coat or Not to Coat!

A Zoya PixieDust Comparison by Vanity Rouge

One of the most frequently asked questions about the textured, matte and sparkling Zoya PixieDust formula is, "why shouldn't you use a base and/or top coat?" The answer, is simple. A top and base coat affects how the finish looks once it dries. Vanity Rouge compares what Zoya PixieDust in Stevie looks like WITHOUT a base and top coat, WITH a base coat, and WITH a top coat. So, why do we recommend you steer clear of the base and top coats when using this textured lacquer? 

Here's why: The Zoya PixieDust textured formula naturally adheres to the nail bed, because the glitter settles in the lacquer base. It fills any ridges & creates a strong bond between the polish and surface of the nail bed - this is why it is so long lasting! When you use a basecoat in particular, you do not get this settling because you are layering the polish over a smooth surface.

"I used two coats of Stevie in the above photos and the first nail shows no topcoat and no basecoat.  For the topcoat nail I had to use two coats of a thick shiny topcoat (the first one was sucked up a bit by the texture of the PixieDust)." - Vanity Rouge

Read the rest of Vanity Rouge's post on the comparison here!

To get the best results, watch the How-To Apply Zoya PixieDust video. Love how Zoya Nail Polish in Stevie looks? Check out the entire selection of Zoya PixieDust collection shades!


Shimmer Jennifer

In this post I want to share with you one of the Shimmer Polish glitter manicures I made recently, this is probably one of my favorites. I decided to create a glitter gradient with the beautiful Shimmer Jennifer over a dark color.
As the base for this manicure I applied two coats of GA-DE Blue Blood (472) which is a gorgeous dark navy color. 
Then I applied Shimmer Jennifer over the tips and pulled the glitter to the center of the nail with the brush, creating this glitter gradient look. I sealed the design with one coat of Seche Vite (I usually prefer the good old Poshe, but my SV got a bit thick and I though it could be a good way to smooth the glitter and flatten the design).
I really adore the final look, I think the colors work so well together and that the dark base makes the glitter pop. 

At first glance Shimmer Jennifer appears to be a beautiful soft blue glitter, but when you look closely you can see a mix of glitter in various colors that makes the polish so much prettier! 
Like all colors from Shimmer Nail Polish, which are very unique and gorgeous glitter bombs, this polish is also packed with a generous amount of glitter that allows you to create easy glitter gradients. The variety of glitter shapes and sizes is exactly what you need for this task, and with a few easy strokes you get a pretty glittery manicure.

I have created some more looks with the pretty Shimmer polishes, which I will be showing in the next few post. Hope you liked this look, I would love to hear your thought on it.

The New French Manicure with Zoya and The Zoe Report

The Zoe Report Features Zoya for Peter Som's
Modern Twist on the French Manicure

The classic french manicure has a new look! Using colorful shades such as Zoya Nail Polish in Jancyn and Zoya Nail Polish in Neely shown above will give this simple look a more modern feel. The look featured here in The Zoe Report features the original duo, Zoya Nail Polish in Neely and Zoya Sharon (no longer available), that were custom created for Peter Som and were revealed on the runway during Som's Spring 2013 show. Want to read more about the "women on the verge" inspired colors for Peter Som? See them here. Color blocking is very on-trend and is a great way to personalize many looks - including the french manicure!

What are your favorite color block color combinations?
Share your looks on the Zoya Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Zoya Nail Polish Is The Most Wanted Healthy Polish Pick!


Zoya Nail Polish makes the Most Wanted list in D Magazine AND onto Holly Davis' Healthy Polish Picks

These featured colors were prepped as a Limited Edition trio for the Peter Som FW12 Fashion Show in New York. Pictured here from left to right are Zoya Nail Polish in Katherine, Zoya Nail Polish in Evvie and Zoya Nail Polish in Audrey. The first two shades, Zoya Katherine and Zoya Evvie were brought back as part of the permanent collection!

As a mom herself, Holly says...
"I was relieved to find my trusted Zoya brand to be one of the only left
standing as truly “3 Free” after a random testing from a San Francisco store".

To read more on why Holly can get worry free mani/pedi's with her daughter, click here.
Ultra long-wearing, nail lacquers by Zoya are BIG5FREE - all formulas are completely free of harmful industrial chemicals such as toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) that are known to cause cancer and birth defects. 


Chic Sugar Baby New Collection

היום אני שמחה לשתף אתכן בקולקציה חדשה שהושקה לפני שבוע ע"י חברת CHIC הישראלית. מדובר בקולקציה עכשווית וצבעונית שקיבלה את השם Sugar Baby בזכות אפקט הסוכר (או כשפי שאנחנו מכירים אותה בתור חול נוזלי Liquid Sand). האפקט הזה הפך לטרנדי בכל העולם ומזה חודשים שחברות לק בינלאומיות משיקות קולקציות בעלות אפקט דומה. למרות שלא מדובר בחידוש מהפכני, אני אישית מאוד התרגשתי כששמעתי על השקת הקולקציה הזו. נדיר שחברות לקים בארץ עומדות בקצב ומוציאות קולקצית חדשות, שלא לדבר על השקת מוצר טרנדי ועדכני שיהווה מתחרה ראוי לשוק הרחב בעולם.
כמו בנות רבות שרק שמעו על השקת הקולקציה, גם אני החלטתי לבקר במספר חנויות בעיר מגורי ויצאתי בחיפושים אחר הקולקציה החדשה של שיק. התאכזבתי כשלא מצאתי זכר ללקים בסניפי הסופר פארם, אך לא ויתרתי וביקרתי בחנות קוסמטיקה מקומית בשם "שיווקית" שמחזיקה לקים של שיק, ושמחתי לגלות שהקולקציה מגיעה אליה ממש בקרוב.
עבר שבוע מאז ההשקה, וכבר הלקים הגיעו אל החנות. כמובן שלא עמדתי בפיתוי - הצטיידתי במצלמה ושמתי פעמיי אל החנות. כשהגעתי, קיבלו את פני סטנד הלקים המדובר ובעלי החנות החביבים.

Today I want to share some local nail polish news with you. The Israeli nail polish brand CHIC has launched a new collection a week ago, under the name Sugar Baby. This collection includes 12 bright and fun colors with a sugar / liquid sand effect.
Tho this might sound like old news, I was actually excited to hear about this collection. Releases of new collections here in Israel are not that common, and mostly don't include interesting or up to date effects.
I was happy to find this collection at a local store in my town, and I made sure to take my camera with me to take some photos of the colorful stand and bottle shots.
The collection includes seven glitter / shimmery sugar finish polishes, and five more matte sugar effects.

קולקציית Sugar Baby של חברת CHIC כוללת 12 גוונים שמחים וצבעוניים בגימור סוכר / חול נוזלי: שבעה מהם גוונים בגימור נצנצץ, ועוד חמישה גוונים בגימור מאט.
כיוון שאני יודעת שרבות מכן סקרניות בנוגע לקולקציה, צילמתי את כל הצבעים בבקבוקים ואת סט הסווצ'ים שבחנות, כדי שתוכלו להתרשם המאפקט והמראה של הלקים החדשים.
כמובן שלא יצאתי בידיים ריקות, רכשתי חמישה גוונים שהכי מצאו חן בעיני, ואני מקווה לסקור אותם בקרוב בבלוג.
באופן כללי ההתרשמות מהקולקציה היתה טובה מאוד. כפי שאמרתי קודם, מאוד שמחתי לראות קולקציה עכשווית שמושקת בארץ, וגם הצבעים היו מעניינים ומגוונים כך שאני חושבת שכל אחת תוכל למצוא לה משהו שהיא תאהב.
מההתנסות עם הלקים בבית, נראה שהפורמולה טובה מאוד ונמרחת בקלות, ואפילו שכבה אחת נותנת כיסוי די טוב. אני אישית לא מסתפקת בפחות משתי שכבות, אבל זו מעלה טובה בלק.

חמשת הלקים שבחרתי לעצמי מהקולקציה, אותם אסקור בפוסטים הקרובים עם סווצ'ים ותצלומים קרובים יותר.בחרתי דווקא בלקים עם הגימור הגליטרי, האפקט הזה נראה מרשים יותר ומעניין בעיני.

Here are the five colors I chose for myself from this collection. I will be swatching them in the next few posts soon. I chose the ones with the glitter and shimmer effect, rather than the matte finish. They looked more impressive and interesting to me. I hope to post the swatches soon so you can see how pretty these are.
This collection

מי שטרם הספיקה לראות את הקולקציה בחנויות, אני שמחה לספר שבעלי החנות סיפרו לי שהם אפילו עושים משלוחים בכל הארץ! ואם זה לא מספיק, הם מציעים מבצע מאוד אטרקטיבי על הקולקציה - 30 ש"ח לשני בקבוקי לק. לדעתי המחיר מאוד משתלם, בידיעה שהמחיר לצרכן עליו הכריזו שיק הוא 22 ש"ח ללק.

אני ממליצה בחום על החנות הזו, מדובר בחנות וותיקה ואמינה, אותה מנהלים מוכרים חביבים מאוד.
המחירים מאוד זולים, ויש מגוון רחב של לקים מחברת CHIC וחברת GK, וכמובן מוצרים אחרים שניתן למצוא בתחום הקוסמטיקה, טואלטיקה ופרפומריה.
החנות "שיווקית" ממוקמת במרכז רמת השרון, ברחוב אוסישקין 41.
טלפון להזמנות: 03-5404825
*הזמנה טלפונית ומשלוח כרוכים בתשלום נוסף, את העלות יש לברר מול החנות.

*הערה - את הלקים קניתי מכספי, איני מקבלת תמורה כלשהי לפרסום של החנות או של הלקים. אני ממליצה ונותנת את דעתי הכנה על החנות בגלל שלדעתי זו הזדמנות טובה עבור אלו שמחפשות לרכוש את הלקים מקולקציה החדשה.

Challenge: Stamping Over a Nude Base

Hello dear readers!

Last Sunday's challenge on FB group Adventures in Stamping was to do some stamping nail art on a nude base. I find this group very fun because it stimulates my creativity when I have no inspiration.

Well, here's what I came up with:
More details below....

The base color for this nail art was Palm Springs by American Apparel. Then I did some sponging using other lighter and darker nude tones to give more dimension to the background of my design.

For stamping polishes, I used:
-Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Mint Sprint (leaves and foliage)
-Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Presto Pink (Flowers)
-Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Snappy Sorbet (Flowers on thumb)
-Pop Beauty - Thirty Seven Foggy (Light grey foliage)
-Nabi - Black (Feathers)
For designs, I used:
-XL R plate (Bird on thumb, flowers, big feathers)
-XL F plate (Small flowers, leaves on thumb)
-XL M plate (Big flowers and foliage on ring finger)
-QA23 (Vines on thumb and pinkie)
-A49 (Flowers and leaves on  index)
-m77 (Small feathers and flowers on pinkie)

Here's a detailed picture of what I did on my thumbnail using the stamping decal technique
*I will do a tutorial on this next week

 What do you think of this nail art?
Stay tuned for my tutorial on how to do a nail decal using a stamping design next Monday ;)

♥♥Thank you so much for reading♥♥

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

China Glaze Infra Red

Today I have another swatch from the China Glaze Hologram collection to share with you.
China Glaze Infra Red is a pretty magenta holographic polish. Its formula was similar to When Stars Collide which I reviewed in the previous post, but the holographic effect was less impressive. I liked the fast drying time and the great coverage this polish gives with just one coat. For the photos I used two coats alone.
I also found it hard to catch it's holo effect on camera, so it actually looked a bit more holo in real life. This is a very pretty and vibrant color, but the holographic effect was too subtle to my taste.

Monday, August 26, 2013

American Apparel - Palm Springs

Hello dear readers!

I want to show you swatches of Palm Springs, a nail polish by American Apparel.

Palm springs is a peachy nude color with creme finish. The application was easy, though it was slightly streaky. The opacity of the formula made it easy to even it out by the second coat. The only thing I was not so happy about this nail polish was the drying time. It took longer even after applying Out the Door fast dry top coat.

Do you like the mannequin finish this type of nail polish color gives to nails?
Tomorrow This Wednesday, I'll show you the stamping nail art I did on top of this nail polish ;)
♥♥Thank you for reading♥♥

Zoya Nail Polish announces SS14 NYFW schedule!

Zoya Nail Polish announces exciting fashion designer collaborations and show information for New York Fashion Week–SS14.

Big news - Zoya is opening Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Nicholas K. and has worked hand in hand with several top designers (Peter Som, Timo Weiland, Zang Toi and Rolando Santana) to create custom color by Zoya that will debut at the shows!!!

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (MBFW). Watch the MBFW the live steam of shows here.

Look for the hashtags (#) below to see what Zoya has on the nails first…

9/5/2013 Nicholas K.
Venue: MBFW Lincoln Center: Stage
Show Time: 9AM (opening show of fashion week)
@MBfashionweek #MBFW #nailpolish

9/6/2013 Peter Som
Show Time: 10AM
@MilkStudios #madefw @madefw #NYFW #customcolorbyZoya #nailpolish

9/6/2013 Chadwick Bell
Venue: Hosfelt Gallery
Show Time: 11AM
@hosfeltgallery #chelsea #NYFW #nailpolish @kingcollective

9/6/2013 Mark and Estel
Venue: MBFW Lincoln Center: Studio
Show Time: 9PM
@MBfashionweek #MBFW #nailpolish @kingcollective #Electronica #LA

9/7/2013 Herchcovitch; Alexandre
Show Time: 6PM
@MilkStudios #NYFW #nailpolish #Herchcovitch

9/10/2013 Timo Weiland
Show Time: 10AM
@MilkStudios #madefw @madefw #NYFW #customcolorbyZoya #nailpolish

9/10/2013 Zang Toi
Venue: MBFW Lincoln Center: Stage
Show Time: 6PM
@MBfashionweek #MBFW #customcolorbyZoya #nailpolish

9/11/2013 Rolando Santana
Venue: SIR, Stage 37
Show Time: 6PM
@SIRStage37 #customcolorbyZoya #nailpolish #NYFW


Sunday, August 25, 2013

China Glaze When Stars Collide

Today's I have a swatch of a lovely China Glaze holographic polish from the recent Hologram collection. There was a big buzz around this collection when it was out, and everyone were curious about these, whether they are as holo as described or not. Some swatches showed them with a glorious and delicious effect, and some were so dull that you could have think there are not holo at all.
I've had this polish in my untried stash for a while, and today I decided to finally swatch it and see how it will look on a sunny day.

China Glaze When Stars Collide is a maroon (or a brownish-plum?) with a subtle holographic effect. Apparently it's holo effect is one of the strongest in the collection, so I'm not sure if I should call it subtle or not, but this wasn't the strongest holo I've tried.
The color is very beautiful and interesting to my eyes, this was one of the reasons I wanted it to begin with. The color reminded me of another holo polish by Dance Legend - Optical Illusion that I've swatched before, but it's effect wasn't even close to DL.
The formula was very good and spread evenly and easily. I used two coats for the photos, tho it was very opaque with one coat. I might need to test it for stamping, I have a good feeling this could be a great stamping polish thanks to it's density. It dried quickly and left me very impressed with the formula.
Overall I liked this polish, but I wish the holographic effect was stronger. On the other hand, if you are looking for a subtle effect, this might just be the one for you.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tiger Print Nail Art

Hello dear readers!

This time I just did a simple tiger print on my nails... I'm not into animal prints... but I used a gold nail polish that was calling for something wild and I thought, why not?

I started with a nail polish by Icing called Golden Rule.
It is a gold color with foil finish and holographic micro glitter.
*You can see a 15 sec. video swatch of this nail polish here.

I stamped the tiger print with Kleancolor black using stamping plate QA25 
(Available for purchase in my online store)

As I said previously, looks a bit too wild for my taste especially on this nail lenght... Rawr!! But it's always good to try something different...

What do you think of this design? Too wild? :)
♥♥Thank you for reading♥♥

ILNP Ultra Chrome Collection Swatches & Review

Today's post is super exciting for me, as I got the chance to be one of the first bloggers to try the new and fantastic ILNP Ultra Chrome collection!
When I first saw these at ILNP facebook page, I was really curious to see them in person and to know if they really are as spectacular as they seemed to be in pictures. Now that I've got this chance to swatch them for you, I can honestly say these are the most beautiful multi-crome polishes I've got to try. Tho it's a bit hard to catch all this pretty color shifting in pictures, I hope you will like my swatches and get an idea of how these polishes will look on the nails.

The official release date of the ILNP Ultra Chrome collection is on 9/6/2013. Be sure to get yours in time, because I know these will be sold out very quickly.
Visit the ILNP site for more beautiful polishes and a chance to win this collection at the GIVEAWAY ILNP are hosting at their site!

Left to Right: Cygnus Loop, Mutagen, Birefringence, My Little Glacier

I decided to layer them over a black base to get a stronger effect, tho they are all great in two coats and provide full coverage. The formula of all four polishes was great, smooth and easy to apply, I didn't experience any problems with it. You could see the brush strokes on the nail but that is something to be expected with this kind of effect.
To give you a better idea of how these pretties look in person, I included a photo in the sun and two photos that I took in the shade which I found is more affective to present the multi chrome effect.

Cygnus Loop will shuffle through a bright purple, to orange, to yellow, and even a little bit of green.
This one is defiantly setting a great example of the multi-chrome effect, I could easily see all the colors range and it was amazing on the nails.

Mutagen shifts it's color through green, blue, red, and orange.
I can't say I'm a big fan of greens, but this one made me say "wow" out loud when I saw it shining in the sun. It was so radiant and it's glow was really a pretty sight. This polish has s really interesting multi chrome effect that I can't say I've seen anywhere else before.

Birefringence shifts through an array of incredible blues, purples, reds, oranges, yellows, and even subtle greens.
Where should I start? This one was Ah-mazing and defiantly my favorite from this spectacular collection. It felt to me like this polish combines two beautiful but yet so different shades into one bottle. It looked like a dark velvety purple polish in the sun, and in the shade the multi chrome effect kicked in and you could easily see the full multi chrome effect range.

My Little Glacier is a silvery-blue that shifts to a very subtle hints of purple, red, and even yellow.
This is a beautiful frosty shade on it's own, but I would say it's effect isn't as strong as the other colors in this collection. While multi chrome effect is more noticeable in the bottle, I could hardly see it on the nails.

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